Dealing with Negativity


In this world, there are always balance, moreover when it comes to living.

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There are good and bad, and positive and negative.

I learned it the hard away that both good and bad deeds will always face both good and bad consequences and it does not mean that if you do good, you won't face the bad consequences.

I learned it the hard way, trust me, you will too.

Finding your Personal Style (Part 1)


As a man, no matter how old are you, at one point of life, you started to figure out for yourself on who you really are and what are you going to be.

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The truth is, most of us grew up by trying to imitate our father and as time goes by, there are more people we have met in our life that indirectly showed us some good examples and pretty much gave us the influence on how we managed to perform and execute certain things in our life.

Style, isn't an exception.

General Guide to Health and Fitness


It is the beginning of the week and I am sure that everybody is hoping for a great start.

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