Dealing with Negativity


In this world, there are always balance, moreover when it comes to living.

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There are good and bad, and positive and negative.

I learned it the hard away that both good and bad deeds will always face both good and bad consequences and it does not mean that if you do good, you won't face the bad consequences.

I learned it the hard way, trust me, you will too.

So, a person would say, "If that is the case, why don't we just do bad things if both deeds are going to face the same consequences?"

This is where we get to separate who is a person and who is really a human.

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I refuse to be a negative person because a negativity is a parasite that feeds from the others. A negative person takes the resources from the others and uses it to harvest his/her own energy for selfish and destructive reasons.
It is going to fill a person with satisfaction and it is very addictive.

However, he or she does not know that a parasite will destroy its own host when it gets stronger than him or her.

Obviously, positivity is exactly the opposite.
Positivity will entrust believe to a living soul and bring hope to humanity.
The energy that is built from positivity is so pure that you can see lights in a total darkness.

Right here I am going to share on how to be positive human being from my own life experience:

1. Free yourself from negativity

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It can be anything from people, atmosphere or even an environment.

For example, if you have friends who will always tend to seriously bring you down, I am not saying that you should leave them but don't keep them for long.

Same goes to your workplace. If you are working in an office whereby your bosses always demotivate you for mundane matter and your colleagues never had your will have your back, I am not saying that you should you should quit your job but find something outside from your office. Later, when everything is in a good place, then you are the best person on earth to decide whether or not if you should quit your job.

"I had the exact experience back then when I was in the university whereby I was surrounded by this unemployed children who always tried to bring me down.

However, I didn't butch and most importantly, I didn't run from them. I faced them everyday but I didn't become one of them and be a negative person, just like they did. Instead, what I did was, I went out and found some real jobs and mixed with real people outside of the university, and I'm telling you, it was a whole new different world for me.

In fact, I stayed in the university for so long witnessing the unemployed children reacted towards the changes in my life. I have never been so grateful of myself that I didn't allow the negativity to be spread and became a parasite inside me.

I am happy to say that I was free from negativity, even from the early beginning." - Writer.

Free yourself instead of drowning towards the negativity, just to prove to some people who barely care about you that you are better than them.

2. Discover your SWOT

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If you have studied any business subject back in the university or you were in the business school, you should have known this by now.

Know and find out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

3. Built your strengths

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No matter whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. A real man should be an all rounder and definitely not to be someone:

  • who has the money but without the muscles; or 
  • who has the muscles but without the brain; or  
  • who has everything but feels so empty inside.

Build strengths from all aspects in life and then you will find peace.

"Finding peace within yourself is the key to happiness."

4. Improve your own weaknesses instead of manipulating the weaknesses of others

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"A real man should lift another man up instead of bringing him down!", because that is a sign of a true strength.

Focus on yourself and build your strengths instead of trying to find the weakness in others and manipulate them for your own satisfaction.

Manipulating the others' weaknesses is not going to make stronger. It is going to make you stagnant and weaker as time goes by.

5. Create your own opportunities and find the threats

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Instead of trying to find an opportunity, a real man creates one and acknowledges the threats that come with it.

For example, you don't start a new job in a new office without having some envy colleagues who wanted that position for a long time.

As wise men always say, "There is no such thing as free lunch!"

6. Discover what you do have and hack away the unessentials

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Bruce Lee once said, "It's not the daily increase but daily decrease, hack away the unessentials!"

After you have finally figured out who you really are and what you really want, don't hesitate to throw away the trash.

It might sounds harsh but it can be your things and it can also be your friends, because, "You really are as good as the company you keep!"


In conclusion, the way you deal with negativity is not to be carried away by them.

You don't hit someone when he or she talks bad things to or about you, but you keep moving forward.

That is why it is very important to build a strength because, "It is not the matter if you can punch back when somebody punched you first. It is the matter of dealing with the pain, keep moving forward and watch your enemies suffer for seeing your progression."

Like I mentioned just now, negativity is a parasite that will destroy its own host when it gets stronger than him or her.

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