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It is the beginning of the week and I am sure that everybody is hoping for a great start.

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However, you can't beat off that Monday blues feelings from all that weekend enjoyments you have been having since the last Friday night and it is currently pounding you from the top of your head, attacking your body from all angles.

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Let's face it, most of us got up today and God knows whether or not if they had their breakfast before stuck in the traffic for one to two hours. Then, of course they will spending the next 8 hours sitting behind their desk in order to get the jobs done.

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Not to forget mentioning later in the evening, they will be facing another 1 to 2 hours in the car, facing another traffic on their way back home.

By living this type of lifestyle, without even being noticed, the truth is, we have been living against the nature of our physique when the main purpose is built to move.

Yes, we are meant to be moving around. That is the only way we can live our life, is to move. It is that simple, "If you are not moving, you are dead!"

Therefore, by having such a stagnant lifestyle whereby most of us will get stuck in one place for hours, combining with unhealthy diet choices and poor sleeping habits. Just imagine how our physique is going to react as we get older?

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Think for a moment, even back then when we were in school or in the university, how many hours have we spent just for not moving around?

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A whole lot!

First of all, don't get me wrong. I am definitely not here to condemn any living souls. I understand the struggles on living in this modern world whereby having a job is the only way of survival and there is only plenty of people who are going to have the time to take care of their health.

That is why I am here.

I am here to help most people who think they don't have the time and give at least some basic inputs on how to implement good practices in their hectic lifestyle.

So that at least, you will grow older without taking too many medications or worse, eating meals through tubes in the hospital.

Let's get started, shall we?

People, I have already mentioned in this post that our body is built to move. Therefore, in order to improve our health conditions, we have no choice but to move. The more and the faster we are able to move from one place to another, the healthier we are.

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The basic movements that we are going to concentrate are those that have the benefits of improving your posture and of course, build muscles and burn fats at the same time.

Most of you might wonder why I don't recommend any typical cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, It is because people have been over utilizing cardio and it impacts so much on their structural integrity that is most likely will contribute to bad posture. I will explain more about this in the future.

Nevertheless, I am not claiming that you will have a good health by doing this exercises but I can guarantee you that it is going to give you a jumpstart to improve your overall lifestyle. Do some research on the sides and find what is the best for you.

1. Squats

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Squat, by all means is the king of exercise. Athletes have been practicing this movements with heavy weights so that they can maximize their strengths and the ability to perform better in sports. The others too can benefit a lot from this movements whereby it trains our posterior chain in order to improve the total overall condition of the body.

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If you really have the time, I would have to recommend you to go the gym and learn on how to squat with proper form and progressively overload the movements with weights but for those who don't have the time, you can do the movement with your own body weight.

Currently, I don't have any videos of my own because I too don't have that much time on my own to film a tutorial video. However, feel free to check out the YouTube video I embedded below for a body weight squat tutorial by GMB Fitness.

Perhaps, in the future if the requests are demanding, I will be sure to film my own video.

2. Push Ups

Still remember you first 10 push ups you were instructed to do when punished in school.

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Well, guess what? That is actually good for you to develop a decent amount of strength and also with a huge probability of having a nice physique, if it is being done correctly and constantly.

A good set of correctly and constantly done push up will develop your chest, triceps and also your core.

Check out the YouTube video I embedded below on how to do the perfect push up by IntoSport

3. Pull Ups

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This exercise to be the last on the list is not because it is inferior than the 2 other exercises I mentioned above but it is because this exercise requires a sturdy bar that allows you to hang yourself with your arms without hurting yourself.

I suggest if you really want to do this exercise, find a sturdy pull up bar at the park because there have been incidents whereby people got hurt doing this exercise because the bar was not strong enough to hold their body weight.

Moreover, this exercise is considered hard for those who are heavier as the movement requires you to pull your own body weight, not that I said that all skinny people are able perform this exercise.

However, if you can find a sturdy bar and a time to do it, you are going to benefit a lot from this exercise as it develops your back, arms and also your core strength.

Feel free to watch YouTube video embedded below on how to perform pull ups by Scooby.


Up until this point, I figure most of you might be asking, how many am I going to do?

Personally, I would say, as much as you can but, bear in mind that our body can be immuned to certain movements or conditions if we are not progressing for a period of time. The result is, we will become bored towards certain practices and chances are, our development will decrease.

Therefore, it is very crucial to understand the importance of progressive overload.

In order for one to achieve a decent amount of progressive overload, a good programming should come in handy.

For example, for your 1st session, do as many squats, push ups and pull ups as you can under a minute and then record your repetitions.

For example,

1st session:

Squat = 30
Pushups = 50
Pullups = 15

2nd session, your workout should be more or less like this:

Squat = (15 repetitions of 3 sets) of 3 seconds of negative portion on each rep
Push ups = 30 repetitions of 3 sets
Pull ups = 5 repetitions of 5 sets

3rd session:

Squat = (20 repetitions of 3 sets) of 1 second of negative portion on each rep
Push ups = (15 repetitions of 5 sets) of 1 second pause at the bottom of each rep
Pull ups = 3 repetitions of 10 sets

Total repetitions on the 2nd session:

Squat = 45
Push ups = 90
Pull ups = 25

Total repetitions on the 3rd session:

Squat = 60
Push ups = 75 with pause
Pull ups = 30

Note: Figures above are just an example of a simple body weight exercise programming. Feel free to contact me by clicking here if you are interested in personalized training regimen and flexible dieting.


I hope by now you would have understood of the importance on having a healthy physique. I realized that I have a limitation on spreading the information through this blog but feel free to contact me by clicking here if you have any inquiries regarding any issues related to it.

I will be sure to spread more information from time to time.


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