Finding your Personal Style (Part 1)


As a man, no matter how old are you, at one point of life, you started to figure out for yourself on who you really are and what are you going to be.

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The truth is, most of us grew up by trying to imitate our father and as time goes by, there are more people we have met in our life that indirectly showed us some good examples and pretty much gave us the influence on how we managed to perform and execute certain things in our life.

Style, isn't an exception.

I grew up trying to rebel against my father's teachings. Well, as most parents might say that usually, the eldest son in the family is the hardest to nurture but they ended up representing the best of the family, and I could not agree more.

As I've gotten older, I finally realized that my style has been evolved towards the teachings of my father, except with more modern touches. Some people said that I have been trying to mimic my late grandfather as I am very much intrigued of the style from the 60's and the early 70's, or perhaps that I have been watching too much James Bond movies.

Daniel Craig as James Bond.
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Either way, that tells us something that a man has to have someone to be looking up to as a role model and from there, he would develop his own personal style that can be deemed worthy to be followed as an example for the next generation.

I am here to share you some guidelines on how to find your own personal style.


1. Find a role model

It can be anyone from your family or even from a movie. Try to understand the character and from there, find a common ground between the role of the character and your lifestyle, so that you are able to implement it into your personal style.

For example:

I love James Bond movies and I have always wanted to imitate his ways of dressing so damn sharp, but, I live in a country whereby most of the time, people are dressed down due to the hot climate.

Some boy scouts with their short pants.
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I too have the choice to dress down, but, I work as a consultant and my job requires me to be presentable most of the time because I will be meeting clients throughout the day. Besides, I have a skin condition that requires me to cover my skin from the direct sun light and sun rays

Therefore, I have to find something in between that suits my personality, my lifestyle along with the environment and the atmosphere I am living in so that I won't be looking as awkward I can possibly be and look decent at the same time.

Not to forget my budget.

Here some tips I found through out the years on developing my personal style:

a. Details

I like to wear a suit mostly when it comes to the three piece, no doubt about that, but by having the extra layer on my body would have seemed ridiculous with the hot weather in my country all year long, but I still want to wear a suit on my daily basis without having to take off my jacket every now and then when I want to go outdoors.

Wearing three piece suit without the jacket.
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First thing I did was to really pay attention to the fabric. Having extra layers on my body means that I have to stay away from the heavy wool and tweed, and opt for cotton or light wool. This actually helps me to protect my skin from the sun rays as well as letting my skin breathes throughout the day and stays warm for the night.

b. Be a minimalist.

Although I am wearing a cotton suit that is kind of light weight and does not really affect my overall body temperature, it is still considered an extra layer and literary looks heavy. Therefore, accessories like scarf, fedora or any sorts of outerwear are practically a big no no if I want to keep my looks practical, professional and decent.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men wearing a fedora.
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Not to forget that it is definitely important to hit all the details when it comes to the basics because it will ruin your whole outfit. Be sure to read my previous post if you haven't already by clicking here.

However, there are bunch of other accessories that I can utilize in order to elevate my style such as tie, pocket square, tie bar and even shoes. I will elaborate more about this later in the future.

c. Be confident

Bear in mind that no matter how hard you are trying to be stylish, it takes time and a lot of practice.

You can't just develop something over night and expect it to look good.

Me, personally, I have been spending years trying to perfect my personal style and trust me, it was not easy. It is not easy to wear, act and behave differently from most people and expect the others not to drop any judgement towards you, moreover when you look good.

Late night smoking a cigar after work.
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The worst thing you can do is to fake it because you do want to look natural and of course, look so damn good having a style that is deemed worthy.

Trust me, not everyone looks comfortable in extra layers. This is where I say that everyone is different in terms of personality and lifestyle and therefore, never forget to develop your own style from those variables. Use your role model as an influence instead of copying them as a whole.

On the flip side, there are perks when you are confident and look confident, such as:

  • You are more positive and kind towards yourself and the others. 
  • You will focus on how to improve your weaknesses and use your strengths to help others.
  • You will stay away from negativity and able to be rational when facing problems.
  • You will see and have more opportunities.
  • You will appreciate your unique self even more and respect the differences in others. 

For me, it is simple, "Find peace and everything will come together!", and it all starts with taking care of ourselves and then, you will find peace.

Remember, always do it for yourself instead of having the intentions of receiving compliments from the others and most importantly, never do something because girls like it or you want to seek a pleasure from some people but do it because you think and you feel that it is the right thing to do.

This is what separates the men from the boys, "It is to believe in yourself by doing the right thing!".

Stay tuned for the continuation of this topic on my next post.


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