Style: The Basics (Part 1)


In previous post, I mentioned that one of the reason I started back on blogging is because I have been asked tons of questions on how can they personally develop their own style in their own everyday lifestyle.

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.... and I have always been giving the same answer: You have to master the basics.

When it comes to style in general for men, it is completely different from women. As we can see most of the time that style and fashion industry have been fully dominated by women and by observing the culture in most countries, particularly in mine, it is kind of taboo for a man who is not in the fashion industry to be pretty much well dressed and stylish, compare to women.

For most men, in order to bring up their A game, they should first develop a decent amount confidence so that in the future, they are able to handle the attention whether or not if it is good or bad. By now, you should realize when you dress well, you will tend to draw the attention to yourself, directly or indirectly whether or not if you like it.

Therefore, the worst thing you can do is to acquire the attention the wrong way. For example, you do not want to be seen in an ill-fitting suit or in an ugly blousy white shirt when you can actually do better and look good instead of looking so ugly because you don't know the essentials in the first place.

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Let's get started, shall we?

1. White dress shirt

Yes, it is as simple as that: A white shirt but no, it is not like your father's white shirt that he has been wearing since the late 80's, unless your father is really a stylish guy.

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I am talking about that piece of a white shirt that will make you look like a million bucks.

How to find it?

Well, it is all about the fit.

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Here are the simple characteristics that you should find before opting that white shirt:

a. High arm holes.
- This can be a little pricey but the high arm holes guarantee that the shirt will be right in place whenever you move.

b. Slim fit.
- Try to find a label with "slim fit" written on the tag because the last thing you want to do is to have excessive fabrics hanging around your waist like a balloon.

c. Shoulder.
- Make sure it fits your shoulder instead of the other way around.

d. Neck size and arms length.
- Last but not least, make sure that it fits your neck properly and only leaves some room for sliding in a finger. While we are at it, don't forget to make sure that your whole arms are fully covered through the sleeves, all the way until where it meets the beginning of your thumb.

2. Dark colored pants

I know, I know, it is pretty basic but isn't what this post is all about?
It is about knowing the basic and master it.

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The thing about buying a pair of pants is pretty simple:

a. Try going down to a size that you can't fit in anymore and then, buy one size larger but make sure the pants are not going to slide when it is buckled on your waist.

b. Make sure the length of the pants are covered all the way to your ankles.

c. Make sure it is slim.

3. Tie

Before you continue reading, please do yourself a favor and throw away that extra wide tie that you have been wearing since high school because the last thing you want to do is to be looking like your headmaster with that huge gut hanging from his stomach, trying to catch some breaths walking over some few stairs.

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It is not too hard to hard to choose the right tie.

Just make sure:

a. It matches your collar size. Eg: Big collar, wide tie; Small collar, slim tie

b. When in doubts, always wear a darker tie than the color of your shirt.

With all is being said and done, everything can be a little bit more perfect when you bring your clothes to the tailor to take care of the details. If you really care about your appearance, your tailor should be your best friend and by having constant visits, at one point you can finally can have the style that actually looks pretty damn good.

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After that, all you need is practice and confidence because everyone can wear good outfit but not everyone can have great style. Without pure intention and constant practices, a good outfit will turn bad.

It is because just like every good things need constant practices.
So does style.



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